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All Smoking Goose recipes begin on the farm.
We carefully curate farm sources based on research, site visits, flavor, and personal relationships with farmers.

Base requirements for all Smoking Goose farm sources:
- Small Family Owned Farm
- No factory Farms
- No Gestation Pens
- Antibiotic Free
- 100% Vegetarian Feed
- No Growth Promotants
- Humanely Slaughtered

Look for a source code in the bottom right corner of each package of our meat treats. Check out what it means to be an SG, 317, or 407 Smoking Goose product.


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SG Farm Characteristics
all base requirements plus:
- Group Housing
- Responsibly Raised

SG products include:
- Andouille
- Applewood Smoked Bacon
- City Ham
- Duck Pear Port Sausage
- Fennel Sausage
- Garlic Sausage
- Hillbelly Sausage
- Jowl Bacon
- Kitchen Sink Sausage
- Merguez
- Mexican Chorizo
- Smoked Ham Hock
- Smoked Pork Chop
- Toulouse Sausage

SG Farms include:

- Fischer Farms
- Prairie Grove Farms





317 Farm Characteristics
all base requirements plus:
- Deeply bedded pens
- Access to pasture

317 products include:
- Capocollo di Dorman
- Duck Fat
- Lard
- Mortadella
- Rabbit and Pork Cheek Terrine
- Salame Cotto
- Smoked Duck Breast
- Smoked Lard
- Tasso

317 Farms include:

- Bella Bella Moulard Ducks
- Eli Creek Farms
- Maple Leaf Farms
- Niman Ranch Pork

407 Farm Characteristics
all base requirements plus:
- Pasture Based Farming
- Humanely Raised

407 products include:
- Coppa
- Culatello

- Delaware Fireball
- Dodge City Salame
- Dry Cured Ham
- Dry Cured Lamb Ham
- Duck Prosciutto
- Gin and Juice Salame
- Guanciale
- Lamb Bacon
- Lomo
- 'Nduja
- Pancetta Tesa
- Pecan Smoked Ham with Sorghum and Apple Glaze: 2015 Holiday Ham
- Pig and Fig Terrine
- Saucisson Rouge
- Small Batch Salumi Series: Salame Yomami, South Cider Salame, Fistful of Hops Salame, Gentile Giant
- Smoked Turkey Breast
- Soppressata
- Stagberry Salame

- Veal Bratwurst

407 Farms include:

- Blackwing
- Broadleaf
- Carley Elk Farm
- Conner Prairie
- Green Grass Market
- Gunthorp Farms
- Local Farms Harvest
- Meat the Rabbit
- Niman Ranch Lamb and Beef
- Schiltz Goose
- Strauss Veal Farms
- This Old Farm
- Thousand Hills Cattle 100% Grass-fed Beef
- Tyner Pond
- Viking Lamb
- Under the Sun

key to date printed on packages by Smoking Goose:
Product Date printed on packaging
retail packages sealed on roll pack machine packed-on date: based on 365 days in a year
whole piece items packed on date: white label
small format salumi packed-on date: stamped with date gun
frozen fresh sausages packed on date: white label for bulk, stamped with date gun for retail chubs

Product Shelf Life
freezing can increase this shelf life for some products; however, freezing is not recommended for all products
Smoked Sausages 45 days after packed on date
Fully Cooked products 45 days after packed on date
Sliced Fully Cooked products 28 days after packed on date
Dry Cured/Fermented products 180 days after packed on date
Frozen Fresh Sausages 14 days after thawing


Interested in raising animals for Smoking Goose? The first step is completing our Producer Information and Declaration Form.